I am first and foremost, a visual artist with a bit of talent for writing, a penchant for studying classical ballet and a strong desire to bring all together in this blog—Dancing Forward—a personal journal I share with you.

Each of my preceding blogs: Called by Name, Drawing Sacred Circles and Genesis Continuum, were forums serving times past. The aftermath of the 2016 election is creating a somewhat volatile and highly uncertain era in which to live out my seventh and eighth decades. Dancing Forward will allow me a voice to not only publish commentary, but with candor, wit and beauty, share the things in life that are meaningful to me.

Democracy, Politics, Stronger Together

And in the end…

The system we thought to be so securely a democratic institution with checks and balances in place, ensuring liberty and justice for all is broken—really broken.

The system needs to hear our voices. Democracy is an ideal, not a right—a duty to uphold, not a given. One person, one vote is a slogan unless we vote in each and every election.

All elections are important. Please VOTE!


State of the State: EPA then and now

Received by the Sierra Club this morning, April 26, 2018: a petition to sign and support.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 7.12.54 AM.png

“Without Concern”, created by me, Naomi M. Pridjian, June, 2005

Without Concern v2b_2018.jpg

No one at the time wanted to see this image…it was old, 20th century news. I couldn’t sell it…couldn’t give it away. Now, here we are once again.


I will sign, but 460 days, 20 hours and counting by the time this blog is read… I am weary.


The Parasite in the White House

An allegorical synopsis, beautifully written and carefully composed by Go Blindly’s Grace Laine: “We can only hope that the parasite in the White House shrivels rather than expands, that this vampire loses its lifeblood and floats away like a pale, papery chaff in the breeze. We hope this because the opposite is so dreadful.”



What is happening in Trump’s America isn’t about principles or policy or party. It is far deeper than partisanship. This is parasitism.

Donald Trump is the parasite, eating away at the marrow of the Republican Party, devouring the stanchions of its history, bleeding its conservative ideals and condemning its representatives to the dung heap of history.

So the parasite gorges on its host, spewing out the Grand Old Party in a pile of excrement. Members insert themselves in the maws of the parasite, lose their vitality, exhibit all the signs of pending death.

However, there’s something important to understand about this parasitic relationship. Without a host, the parasite ceases to exist.

We have to ask if the GOP knows, in a kind of Star Trek-final-solution way, that it must self-destruct rather than allow the parasite continued life?

How might the Republican Party self-destruct? In an inert way, it will…

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Curioser & Curioser: A memo and an edit

Devin Nunes, following in his leader’s footsteps becomes the Mad Hatter of Memos. More to come says he. More tea parties…cake and ice cream and firecrackers galore. Reblogging Blindly’s’ Curioser & Curioser: A memo and an edit’, by Grace Laine. Follows my last blog, The Mad hatter’s Tea Party nicely. Just remember that although there will be more tea parties, no tea is actually served…so in the immortal words of Nancy Reagan…Just say no and do not attend.



It just gets curioser and curioser… and curious things lead to speculation.

Speculate this.

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The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

One year into this 45th presidency, we are swept away into the Mad Hatter’s tea party of smoke and mirrors. It is a new dimension of swirling realities; personal edicts; pugilistic shots across the bow; thievery; unanswerable riddles; twittering, nonsensical, remarks; and lots of magic trickery. It is hard to keep a firm footing.

Where are the brave Kings and Queens of Republican Hearts?


Thank You WordPress

Since I wrote my last posting: Another Chapter in the New Wild West, reporting strange new aliased email followers, I am happy to report that…true to their word… WordPress.com has fixed the problem. All 10 aliased outlook.com subscribers have disappeared from my admin site. Thank you WordPress! Many of us older than 30, are striving to keep up with these fast moving times. Paranoia creeps in from time to time. All is well that ends well.

Gingko branches 2 thumbnail


Another Chapter in the New Wild West!

In this not so brave, not so trusting, not so trustworthy new world of devolving checks and balances to Amercian Democracy, Microsoft has ginned up a new deal for the email users who don’t want to be known as human beings.

How-To Use Outlook.com’s aliases to hide your true email address from prying eyes, by Ian Paul, PCWorld, February 7, 2014

Paul says hard-to-guess alias(es) can be created in Outlook that make it more difficult for hackers to get to online accounts. The article goes on. Does it also give bots and trolls easier access for the next round of hacking through social media in it’s many permutations? With the 2018 elections merely 9 months away, and no sign of Congress fixing the wormholes in our electoral system, it is not farfetched to look closely at a system of aliases, whose effects could very well be far reaching.

Dancing Forward has many followers within the WordPress blogosphere. It also has anonymous visitors who take a look/see when the blog visual or text fragment included in the Facebook posting is appealing. Subscribers who choose to receive the latest posting by email have numbered 5 since the blog began in 2016. Subscribing does not require a name, only a working email address. Suddenly, within the past couple of days this list of email followers has increased by 4—all with aliased email addresses resembling foreign passwords rather than persons. Tonight 3 more alias subscribers have appeared…tomorrow could bring 2 or 3 more. I do not know where they are coming from, or why the sudden interest in this blog by a person or persons, using the outlook.com domain server and extension. I am concerned and becoming annoyed.

I have never seen outlook aliases before and I cannot shake the uneasiness I feel. I would like to welcome new followers, but I don’t get to know if it’s one person with several aliases or several aliased persons. I don’t get to know if the alias hides a troll or a bot. I don’t get to know anything at all, but they get to know a whole lot about me—personally and politically—that can be used benevolently or malevolently.

Of course, my blog is public and to some extent I am public. But there’s something askew about the incognito factor, since this blog is a personal sharing journal about life as an aging person in a rapidly changing, devolving world—life as I see it and live it.

Before I remove these alias subscribers, they will receive an email version of this posting. I invite them to share their interest in this blog in the Contact form at the top of the Home page, or to leave a comment to this posting on the blog. Make yourself or selves known.

What a world this is!