I am first and foremost, a visual artist with a bit of talent for writing, a penchant for studying classical ballet and a strong desire to bring all together in this blog—Dancing Forward—a personal journal I share with you.

Each of my preceding blogs: Called by Name, Drawing Sacred Circles and Genesis Continuum, were forums serving times past. The aftermath of the 2016 election is creating a somewhat volatile and highly uncertain era in which to live out my seventh and eighth decades. Dancing Forward will allow me a voice to not only publish commentary, but with candor, wit and beauty, share the things in life that are meaningful to me.

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What is unfolding here?

I have been intrigued by this Trump/Comey whisper shot every time it has appeared in social and news media. When I saw it a couple of nights ago as the lead photo in The Forbes.com article, Hidden Clues In The Trump-Comey Drama: It’s Worse Than You Think by Melik Kaylan, I had to read the article despite my vow not to read political news at bedtime. It kept me up, no doubt about it.

The photo was taken in the oval office on January 22, 2017. (Storyboard below of Live Satellite News’ YouTube video of the occasion: President Trump Thanks FBI James Comey for well timed Clinton Emails.

The video begins with President Trump at one end of the room, standing on the gold border of the oval office rug with Vice President Pence and various others—several of whom are military brass.

Storyboard_the whispered secret.jpg

Across the room at the other end is FBI Director James Comey, standing tall in a line of a dozen or so men. Trump says, referring to Comey, “Where is, uh… oh, there he is, calls him over and says ‘He’s become more famous than me” (laughter). Comey straightens up, puts a pleasant demeanor on his face, walks across the room, and with a deferent smile, shakes hands with the president. Trump pulls him close and whispers something to him…but what? Applause rises from the assembled while Mr. Comey steps back, shakes hands with Mr. Pence and proffers a proper “Thank you.”

What did Trump whisper to Comey? We don’t know, but the shot has become emblematic of deception and wrongdoing since the abrupt firing of Director James Comey on May 9, 2017, while he was in Los Angeles addressing a group of FBI agents. James Comey hadn’t been informed. The termination was public—displayed on TV monitors throughout the room. That’s how he learned of his termination.

The majority of America was in shock, regardless of the election approval or disapproval rating he carried. Two days after this callously unorthodox firing NBC’s Lester Holt interviews Mr. Trump. In reference to Sessions’ and Rosenstein’s letter of recommending termination:

Trump: “What I did was, I was going to fire Comey. My decision.”

Holt: “Because your letter, you said, “I— accepted their recommendation,” so you had already made the decision.”

Trump: “Oh, I was going to fire regardless of recommendation.“

Add to that the title of the Forbes piece: Hidden Clues In The Trump-Comey Drama… and this admission makes the photo even more enticingly emblematic.

Some excerpts from Hidden Clues In The Trump-Comey Drama:

“Comey was meant to function as the perfect temp: mortally wounded from his late-campaign move against Hillary, and his even later exoneration of her, he hung on by a thread. The Trumpsters merely left him in place twisting in the wind to see which way he would twist. He’d be a fool to cross them. Politically friendless, isolated, a virtual pariah whichever side he took, he looked ideally suited for the role of staying on and toeing the line. Trump was his last refuge, so they thought. Apparently, Comey couldn’t bring himself to swallow that calculus. He continued to push the KremlinGate probe.”

“The Trumpsters expected Comey to temporize, keep making contradictory noises, pursue Hillary on this and Obama on that, while intermittently letting steam out of the Russia matter. They gave him some leads. Example: Jason Chaffetz’s allegations that Obama’s people ordered wiretapping of Trump Tower. But Comey wouldn’t play along. And finally he nudged them to act.”

“Several signposts indicate the lineaments of a crafted process. How do populists gradually take over? They exclude and arrest journalists – already happening. They create beholden oligarchs…. They create incessant noise and fog.”

“In short, Trump is getting expert guidance. One can continue disbelieving one’s eyes because the whole notion seems so preposterous….Trump receives Lavrov publicly at the height of the outcry, the two of them laughing, backslapping, making a lurid display of triumph. Classic Putinist Theater.”

“The audacious scenario may yet be foiled. The American system is likely too transparent and too sensitive to public oversight. But just because such a plot might be foiled doesn’t mean it’s not happening.”

We cannot look to leaders—a new Moses to lead us out of this turmoil. Every leader has feet of clay. Democracy is all about We, the People. Even those of us who have no love for politics must coalesce and work together to resist, insist, and take back our country.

Make your voice heard in the 2018 congressional elections: Vote.

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Being President is Hard Work

Really, Donald?

He misses his old life…he had so many things going…

You’ve got a bunch of things going now—just the way you like it—circular chaos with you in the middle. What’s missing is success at maneuvering things and people into your corner. You like to be at the top of the whirlwinds you create, barking out orders, throwing your weight around, getting your back scratched. You bulldozed your way to the White House with the cunning help of your Russian connections, over the objections of the majority of the American people. You lied and you cheated and you brought live monsters of hate and bigotry out from under rocks where they’d customarily lain. You knew where the rocks were and you knew how to lift them open. You lied and you cheated and you besmirched good character at every turn. You claimed the whole country was failing…all our accomplishments were disasters. Con that you are, you preached that only you could fix it all and the rock monsters cheered you on. And then, to add to the deceitful lunacy, you said you were going to get a shitload of stuff done in the first 100 days.

You’ve done nothing, but plunge us into worldwide danger and national despair. You are a failure at everything that is beneficially noble to the citizens of this country and the world. You are a disgrace. That’s the word you like to use, isn’t it? Disgrace? Fits you.

Note: For a professional review without my anger bleeding through, read

Trump reflects on presidency; ‘I thought it would be easier’ by Steve Benen


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Still Relevant

On February 21st Robert Reich posted 11 talking points sent to him by Rosa Figueroa. He extended an open invitation to share them with family and friends who may have voted for Trump (a third party candidate was essentially a throw away, as we are a staunchly two party system.) Now that we are in to the first 100 days with nothing accomplished but the diminishing of a functioning government and a daily round of chaos emanating from the White House, these points are as relevant today as they were 2 months ago, so I am doing just that. I have family and friends in this category and although they don’t follow my blog and will most likely never see this, I’m sharing.

Thank you Rosa Figueroa…
I don’t know who you are, but I like your style.

Thank you too, Robert Reich.

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Genesis Redux

Nearly all known religious traditions maintain symbolic narratives—creation myths that seek to describe the ordering of the cosmos from a state of chaos, or amorphousness, into reason and order. These narratives, called cosmogonical myths, share a number of features and are often considered sacred accounts. In this age of scientific discovery, we look for facts that underlie these stories and give us a ground of being.

In the beginning was a hum that grew into sound, louder and louder, until it could not be contained within itself and exploded into a portal of fury.

The sound became a force of hundreds, thousands, millions, trillions of particles all seeking connection. We—creations of dust and gas—are merely players in process upon the ground of all being.


And so it goes…we are stardust…we seek connection without knowing it is already there and will be there even if buried beneath the rubble of past, present or future human ignorance.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Credits: Background images are largely from NASA Public Domain Images.

Dance figures, courtesy of InterPlay dancer, Jane Siarny. May her invitation to dance live on through the hard times.


Note: The concept in this blog post reflects my own personal views, based upon current cosmological thinking concerning black holes and the big bang. The art is my own original work. No commercial uses allowed; if you wish to use any of it in a personal application, please contact me for permission.

Thank you for visiting.

Stronger Together

Stronger Together + Having Fun

In early January, I wrote: “Ten intelligent women, whose experience, expertise and wit we respect are coming to dine with us for a stronger together evening next month.”  We were excited and bought a table that would seat 10 comfortably. And then just a week later Judy got sick; a week after that I got sick…and sicker: respiratory-trumpitis. And it went on and on for nearly 2 full months. The beautiful table waited we set a date and had to cancel…still sick. We set another date and waited. Finally, on March 26, the table received came to life. Ten intelligent, hard working, resisting, insisting, persisting, enlisting women came to dine together and just have fun!

“OMG, what fun! What a fantastic evening with all of you!

A wonderful meal and a delightful group of women. We really enjoyed our time together and will look forward to another gathering.

We had a great time and look forward to getting together again soon.

I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud for three hours!! What a delightful evening! You all are so much fun! What good company and delicious food.

So wonderful to meet all of you…funny, smart, successful and knowledgeable…such a pleasure.

What a fabulous evening. Making new friends and cultivating existing friendships is such a big and important part of well-being. And so is laughing!!

It was great fun and so wonderful to have all of you fine ladies in our home and in our lives.



NYC Dance Project-Breathtaking Beauty

I came across The NYC Dance Project—created by Ken Browar, fashion/beauty photographer and Deborah Ory, dancer/editorial photographer—quite by accident. It has been a delightful diversion from the lurking darkness of our current political milieu. Although centered on New York City dance and dancers, this site brings the breathtaking beauty of dance to the world at large by a simple mouse click here on NYC Dance Project.

Once at the gallery site you can visit any of the sections offered: Photos, The Art of Movement Book, Film, Events/Exhibits, Press, Blog, About Us and Contact. The About Us page will give plenty of interesting information about how this project came about and where it’s going.

My favorite delights were the photos—all by NYC DANCE PROJECT and the BLOG interviews with the dancers. I’ve put together a little preview of some of the photos and included credits as best I could determine. (If I’ve made errors, please let me know.) Once you see these, I hope you will be inspired to visit the site: NYC DANCE PROJECT and be inspired.

Left & Right: Charlotte Landreau, soloist, Martha Graham Dance Company

Left: Charlotte Landreau, soloist, Martha Graham Dance Company
Right: Cassandra Trenary, Soloist, American Ballet Theatre

Left: Tiler Peck principal, New York City Ballet
Right: Xin Ying, soloist, Martha Graham Dance Company

Left: Masha Dashkina Maddux, principal, Martha Graham Dance Company
Right: Charlottte Landreau, soloist, Martha Graham Dance Company

Left: Tiler Peck principal, New York City Ballet
Right: Miriam Miller, New York City Ballet

Spend a little time at NYC Dance Project and see for yourself.
Be inspired.